1 Bedroom
1 Bathroom
1 Bed
3 Guests
Entire Home
Free WiFi

The Apartment

This home was recently renovated from an old tannery and was transformed into this unique home. Located right on the water, with its own private beach. This listing offers a unique experience while travelling in Chania.  It will take you back in time and at the same time, give you the luxury of any modern day living home.


The space is so unique, that everything is custom made and designed by the owner himself as he is a well known architectnot only in Chania, but all over Greece. It was originally an old tannery back in the 1900's, but was later left to deteriorate as many of the tanneries in the area.

Booking Terms

Check-in after 15:00
Check-out before 11:00
Deposit 50%
Free Cancelation
+30 6937409395
24h Support

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